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Name Abby. Hello :]
Fat Nicknames Flabby(Get it cause, my name's ABBY?). Hahahaha I love it.
Height 5'1 1/2ish?
Weight 126lbs
Fav. Foods Oh geez. Hmm, that would have to be Mac & Cheese. or maybe Tuna. I know mostly everyone hates it, but I'm one of those freaks who could honestly live on it. Haha.
Fav. Dessert Waffles & Ice-cream. Ohhh do I love it.
Fav. Juice Apple Juice.
Fav. Soda Cherry coke
Fav. Fast Food Restaurant Wendy's. Jr Bacon Cheese Burgers are up there with breathing. Hahaha, kiddinnggg.
Can you see your feet? If I suck in hard enough AKA no, hah.
A real story that proves your Fatness You see, honestly. There is no story. I just AM, and always was. I've never been this skinny little thing, so basically everyone's used to my weight. I'm not saying I've never endured the whole "HAHAHAHA FLABBY SHUT UP, YOUR FAT!" thing, but I'm just saying.. there's no actual expirence that has opened my eyes to it. That's pretty lame, but please don't bite my head off about it.
Minutes you exercise per day I dance in the shower. Does that count!? If so, then around four :D

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Gross face, sorry

Thankssss. =]
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