kerri (cut_the_lust) wrote in the_corpulents,

NEW :)

name: kerri
fat nicknames: kerri the berry. cuz i'm round, y'know.
height: 5'5
weight: 250
fav. foods: CHINESE!!!!!!!!!!!!
fav. dessert: any lmao.
fav. juice: pomegranate juice mm.
fav. soda: yeah any for this one too.
fav. fast food restaurant: ive recently become obsessed with taco bell
can you see your feet? if i try really hard HAHA
a real story that proves your fatness: when i was in 8th grade, a group of really mean boys told everyone i was so fat because i had 8 aborted fetuces in my belly... and that i needed a forklift to be carried around everywhere. or you can ask the 2093702934723 doctors that have put me on 93274920734 (failed) diets LOL!
minutes you exercise per day: ummm ZERO?
and include a picture: 


P.S. this is an amazing community for people who are just okay with being fat. EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE!!
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