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Oh Hey look :D

Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to LJ. :D

Name: Shane, or Squee ^.^
Fat nicknames: Fluffy or Pillsbury dough boy
Height: 6'0"
Weight: No comment :\
Fav. foods: Chicken Parmesan or some Pork with Rice
Fav. dessert: A Brownie with Ice Cream/Pecans
Fav. juice: Does Monster count? :]
Fav. soda: Dr.Pepper
Fav. fast food restaurant: BK
Can you see your feet? Yes :x
A real story that proves your fatness: Well I might have friends that don't care about how big I am its still not fun for me when they try to 'scoop' me(Yes I know). Also I am a chef and it gets quite irritating when I am called Pillsbury dough boy or chef boyardee.
Minutes you exercise per day: I don't exercise every day but when I go with my mom we walk about a mile and a heif. :P
And include a picture: Hmm :\ It's a bad picture >.<
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